Kapena and Malu weekday mornings 6 to 10



  1. Rosalba

    Can you send a shout to the IRC- Scheduling unit in Los Angeles California?

    I have visited the Big Island since 2008 so I have listened the station stream line since I was able to do it 🙂 thanks to my EX Luci Price who introduced me to the station 🙂

      1. Jarom Lee

        Howzit Malu,
        My names Jarom and I definitely enjoy listening to you and Kapena in the morning during the work week. I start work early in the morning and I always tune in at 6 am. You do a awesome job in the mornings and the afternoons as well. I give you credit Malu, music is life, and being apart of a radio station and everything that comes with it is definitely admirable. To me, listening to you on air is very intriguing and entertaining. Ohh…and best of luck with the competition that you’ve been training and putting in the time and effort for. Go get em Superwomen. Hey…don’t laugh, you really are Superwomen u know. You kill it everyday on air and I’m sure you do the same as a mother. Anyways…I hope you get a chance to read this and that it brought a smile to your day 😉
        Maybe we could go grab a meal sometime and just talk stories. I’d leave you my number but that’d be too much right, lol ;p
        Email me @
        Have a great day and a awesome week coming up.

  2. WunEyeFricka

    Hey Malu,
    If your name is supposed to be Hawaiian, it’s pronounced mah-lu. Not Mu-Loo. As one kanaka maoli, it’s small kine insulting. But I know you guys trying real hard for be local, so I understand. You should fix it though.

  3. Pip

    Yesterday, you guys talked about a study that ranked Mississippi the number one state for love. You followed that with a joke about incest. Look, Mississippi has its issues. I was born and raised there. However, if you’re going to talk smack, know your facts. It’s actually legal to marry your first cousin in Hawaii, and it’s illegal in MS. Hawaii also has no laws against beastiality which is also illegal in MS. Sounds like it’s your pilikia.


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