Studio/Contest Phone Number (808)886-9292

Office/Advertisement Phone Number (808)365-5181

Hilo Office: 688 Kinoole Street Suite 112 Hilo, HI 96720


To get in contact with general manager Will Zucker send an email to

If you have a community event or activity you would like featured on What’s Happening email us at





  1. Ashley Kim

    Hi my name is Ashley Kim, I’m from Kealakehe High School and I made the pledge to attend college, I was wondering if I could request a song to be played on Monday morning (9/31), Sunday Candy by Chance the Rapper!

    Thank you.

  2. kalsey navor

    It’s so hard to get an answer for the secret sound I’ve been trying to 4 three weeks and I didn’t get a answer what number can I call it just rings my number is 8087969012

  3. Kamau Kawai'ae'a

    Aloha, I wanted to make a birthday shoutout to Raven Thompson. It’s her 15th birthday today Halloween Monday October 31st. Shoutout from her whole family. We love her and get real????????✌????!!! If you guys can make this possible I’ll bring a bag of homemade smoke sausage to the studio. ???? Right on aloha, Kamau Kawai’ae’a


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