Secret Sound W.A.L.

-Nomadic tube system

– Sharpening a knife

– Money shoot at bank

– Somebody drinking coffee

– Turning on a microphone

– Lint roller

– Pulling tape off a rope

– Drive through bank money drop

– Turning a page in a book

– Cutting board

– Ripping a piece of paper

– Papercutter

– Pulling out wipes from a container

– Blowing air into a balloon

– Biting into an apple

– Catching a ghost in Ghostbusters

– Hanging up the phone

– Counting dollar bills

– Rolling a piece of tape and pulling back

– Paper Cutter that cuts money

– Wrapping saran wrap

– Putting a straw in a drink

– Drinking boba tea

– Putting the blinds up on a window

– Sharpening a knife

– Lowering an office chair seat

– Cutting hair

– Sucking something up with a vacuum

– Closing your car window

– Piece of paper ripping

– Wiping a shoe on a door mat

– Slurping up noodles

– Pulling a post it note apart

– Scraping a metal grill

– Vacuum hose part

– Dentist suction to clean water out of mouth

– Opening a suction sealed canister

– Measuring tape rolling back

– Bank shoot

– Shoveling gravel

–  Cutting something on a cutting board

– Ripping off packing tape from a box

– Biting into a carrot

– Air mail shoot

– Lighting a lightsaber

– Closing a window

– Flipping a page

– Scissors cutting paper

– Sweeping

– Carving a pumpkin

– Tennis ball air shooter

– Opening an instapot

– Dog snapchat filter

– Arcade game called big mouth

– Writing on a piece of paper

– Pumping air into a spray pump

– Breaking a carrot

– When the water goes down the sink and goes slurp

– Peeling a carrot

– Biting into an apple

– A saw cutting into wood

– Paper cutter

-Disconnecting the tip from a vacuum

-Tape measure retracting

-Drinking from a straw

-Wrapping up candy

-Ripping paper

-Fog machine blowing out fog

– Turning a page in a book

– A window closing

– Sucking up something you shouldn’t in a vacuum

– Shades on a blind being pulled

– Using a spatula scraping a pan

– Using a smoke machine

– Somebody slurping up noodles

– Shooting a power hose

– Putting a dipstick back in the car

– Ripping off velcro

– Taping up a package

– Toilet flushing

– Airplane toilet flushing

– Screen door flips open on its own

– Taking Styrofoam out of a box

– Cleaning a window with a squeegee

– Seal on closing a freezer door

– Sunroof closing

– Opening and closing an umbrella

– Letting air out of a latex balloon

– Spraying hair dye into hair

– Spitting out a loogie and sucking it back in

– Lint roller

– Opening an envelope

– Ice machine button right before it dispenses

– Unwrapping a stick of gum

– Taking a sword out of its case

– Sucking air in through your teeth

– Hanabuttas when you get out of the water

– Opening a new can of tennis balls

– Tearing wax paper

– Ripping a page out of a book

– Letting air out of a balloon

– Pulling lint trap out of a dryer

– Closing a screen door

– Ironing

– Nerf gun

– Sliding pizza into oven

– Chinese yoyo

– Taking off your seatbelt

– Sucking up something in a baster

– Pulling on a windbreaker

– Scraping top of cement with a trawl

– Flipping through pages

– Raising and lowering an office chair

– Putting air in a tire

– Twisting top of a plastic container

– Power Ball machine sucking lottery balls up

– Blow dart gun

– Slurping up cereal

– Pulling the back off a sticker

– Taking paper ream out of plastic

– Cleaning litter box

– Using sissors

– Ripping off a band-aid

– Pulling back an arrow on a bow

– Opening old shipping container

– Retractable window shade

– Ceramic plate going up

– Getting a puka in your shirt or pants

– Cutting into a watermelon

–  Opening a Pringles can

– Suction cup coming off a window

– Squirt something out and wanting to suck it back in

– Pulling a chair out

– Peeling seal back on an Oreo package

– Spam can opening

– Foot air pump

– Getting trash bag ready for trash can

– Somebody brushing your hair

– Blowing your nose

– Ripping paper out of a calculator

– Removing masking tape

– Separating two pieces of metal

–  Ripping off Post-It note

– Hamster going through a tunnel

– Slurping up an oyster

– Putting knife into chopping block

– Ripping off back of a Q-Tips box

-Using a money marker on money

– Poster board at meeting flipping over papers

– Sliding automatic doors at store

– Ripping duct tape

– Washing golf balls

– Sliding mirror open on car shade

– Taking safety seal off of coffee creamer

–  Flushing toilet and water filling back up

– Blowing into a candle

– ATM tubes

– Shoveling snow

–  Striking matches

– Automatic ball launcher

–  Cash register closing

– Final wrap of cellophane on a gift basket

– Biting into a potato chip

– Swiping a credit card

– Sucking egg yolk out of a water bottle

– Cutting through wrapping paper