The Secret Sound W.A.L.

– Raindrop
– Stapler
– Blowing up bubble gum, popping and sucking back in
– Scotch tape dispenser
– Using a ball point pen
– Striking a lighter
– Car door closing
– Flicking a lighter on
-Library stamp
-Snapple cap being opened
-The process of recording something
-Foot operated garbage can
-Starting a movie
– Squeezing a 1and a half litre of half full water bottle
– Opening a sandwich bag
– Mechanism for key opening car
– Popsocket opening
– Deadbolt unlocking on door
– Holding lever down on water dispenser
– Opening and closing door
– Closing baby wipes containe
– Suitcase down the stairs
– Taking off your seatbelt
– Striking a match
– Record player
– The button pushed at dry cleaner retrieving clothes on the rack
– Bowling ball return machine
– Dropping a pen on a desk
– Loading Keurig cartridge into machine
– Taking a lid off of a medicine bottle
– Putting a rubber band on a bento box
– Hammering two boards together
– Opening and closing the glove box
– Credit card imprinter
– Breaking celery into two
– Opening plastic seal on a coffee can
– Pulling disinfectant wipes out of container at the store
– Hitting back of cup on table
– Windshield wipers
– Closing laptop lid
– Closing a Ziploc bag
– Opening a soda can
– Putting a straw in a juice box
– Pencil dropping on the table
– Pushing down on a retractable
– Using a tape measure
– Closing a horse trailer
– Electric stapler
– Pulling paper towel out of dispenser
– Stacking red solo cups
– Inserting straw into a CapriSun
– Playing Ski Ball
– Playing shuffle board
– Rolling the driver window down and up
– Closing a drawer
– Opening and closing a binder
– Automatic pitching machine
– Popping bubble wrap
– Ringing a mop
– Pressing the Total on a 10 key calculator
– Taking fresh seal off can of peanuts
– Popping bubble gum
– Shooting a bow and arrow
– Saran wrap dispenser
– Staple remover
– Turning on a propane stove
– Old school cassette player
– Ball bouncing
– Playing jacks
– Sound of dog collar when dog is shaking
– Copy machine
– Taking straw out of wrapper
– Putting coffee back on coffee maker
– Deadbolt opening and closing
– Tearing a paper towel
– Tying a balloon
– Plugging and unplugging headphones into your cellphone
– Opening a briefcase
– Putting tape into VHS player
– Putting Cassette into player
– Moving car seat back and forth
– Opening file cabinet
– Office chair going up and down
– Opening glove box
– Opening and closing a pencil box
– Soda coming out of vending machine
– Old school spinning phone
– Slinky going down the stairs
– Drawing with chalk on the floor
– Flushing a urinal
– Opening and closing a laptop
– Hanging up an old phone
– Hitting a tennis ball
– Releasing a latch on a gas cap
– Putting a DVD into the return slot
– Opening a sliding window on your house
– Putting DVD into player
– Opening a Pillsbury dough can
– Opening and closing a door
– Opening and closing a mailbox
– Car door locking
– Driving over yellow reflectors
– Opening and closing fridge
– CD player door opening
– Closing shower on a shower rod
– Water from a water dispenser
– Opening a step ladder
– Putting blender on the base
– Pool stick hitting cue ball into another ball into a hole
– Opening a can of Vienna sausage
– Opening a milk carton
– Exiting through a fire door
– Opening and closing a rice cooker
– Folding a leg on a plastic table
– 3 ring binder
– Loading a gun
– Pulling tissue out of a box
– Dribbling a basketball and it going through a net
– Unbuckling your belt and pulling off your pants
– Throwing a gutter ball in bowling
– Opening and closing a sun visor mirror
– Rubber popper
– Closing a cabinet drawer
– Clicking a ball point pen
– Sewing machine
– Tennis ball
– Basketball dribbling
– Old time punch card
– Cracking a walnut
– Cracking a mac nut
– Tapping a mic
– Snapping a onesie button
– Printer pulling paper
– Three hole punch
– Opening and closing a briefcase
– Selecting a song on a jukebox
– Closing a cooler
– Opening a new coffee can
– Sportstop water bottle
– Opening and closing memory board on a computer
– Closing top of beer Brosch beer bottle
– Walking over a stair
– Hammer hitting something
– Ball return on a pool table
– Photo printer
-Tearing a piece of saran wrap
-Pressing a blowdryer button
-Putting something in your school desk
– Accordion closet door
-Closing a door on a van
– Wallet button
-Shuffling a deck of cards
-Tapping a pencil on a pad
– Cracking open a pistachio
– Single hole punch
– Opening a can of Spam
– Opening a shampoo bottle
– Opening a glue bottle
– Lighting a cigarete
– Opening top of a flask
-Paddle ball
-Old school typewriter
– Self closing drawer
– Birdcage shackles locking in
– Taking a bite of an apple
– Hitting a jug
– Breaking the lead of a mechanical pencil
– Opening a coconut